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Brie Warren, Menil Drawing Institute Conservation Studio Technician

Bwarren is the username for Brianna "Brie" Warren

Preprogram and Proud
Currently amongst the individuals that aspire towards a future of conserving historic and artistic works - a group commonly know as "preprogram" - Brie seeks to one day be among the daring individuals that merge science and the arts to achieve daring feats such as removing pressure-sensitive tapes and washing paper. You guessed it - a book or paper conservator!

Work Experience
Brie currently serves as the Menil Drawing Institute's Conservation Studio Technician. In this role, she has the opportunity to work directly with the Menil Drawing Institute's Paper Conservator, and to work with the Menil Collection's larger team of conservation professionals. As the second preprogram individual to hold this title, Brie hopes to assist in establishing firm roots for the position as an opportunity for future preprogram individuals to grow into their best selves as conservation professionals.

Preprogram Experience
Brie graduated Summa Cum laude from California State University, Chico with her B.A. in Art specializing in Art History on December 16, 2017. During her time at CSU, Chico, Brie served as the Student Assistant at the Jacki Headley University Art Gallery, completed internships within the collections of the Janet Turner Print Museum and Yosemite National Park archives, co-founded and led the Art History Collective, and saw to completion the student exhibition Art History: Meet your Maker, among other activities.

To learn more about Brie's experiences, visit her LinkedIn page.