Talk:Safe and Harmful Materials for Use in Exhibits

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the list of good and bad is a problem: my good, bad and ugly paper 1994 try to explain that is all depends of the context. this is a important grey zone (Ugly)! <>

any type of wood and probably all coatings can be harmful to lead. to ban wood products and coatings will be a problem in most museums

basically all paints and varnishes seems not OK without giving context. nylon 6 and 66 do not contain sulfur but may be the dye. urea formaldehyde : contain more formaldehyde than formic acid. how bad is formaldehyde?

the list of ref is long and could be updated may be add the ref CCI TB on products and Hatchfield 2002 book wish; David Thickett has also a list of bad products, I will look for it.