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"Solvents that are water based, or water-soluble are less polluting in their production and disposal." Need to double check

There might be a lot more interesting data we can mine from the Pollution Scorecard, such as this query: Total Production-Related Waste (

Comments from Braden Allenby regarding Solvent Choice section 1/28/12: I think as far as it goes, the solvent presentation is reasonable. The “longer name – shorter name” test I’d probably drop; one assumption behind that – that “natural” materials are better than “human” materials – is not that robust; I would also warn people not to depend on single assessments of materials (one LCA, for example). Such assessments are in essence models derived from far more complicated sets of data, and like all models, they’re wrong – but some of them are useful. So I’d leave that information in there, but caution people against relying overly on it. This does raise the point we were talking about – if I were a skeptic, I’d look at this information, note how substantial the use of these materials is, and compare it with my use on a swab . . . and draw the conclusion that my individual use doesn’t matter that much. I think that attitude can be answered, but not just by LCA data . . .Best, brad