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This discussion page was started in July 2014 to collect ideas for improving the chapter. It includes the suggestions offered by the BPG Publications Committee, PCC Task Force in 2007-2009. Please feel free to add your own suggestions for improvement.

Update priority: Medium

Suggestions for Improvement[edit source]

  • Consider adding section on varnish removal.
  • Re-evaluate references to thymol and link to more recent critiques of its use in book and paper consideration. --Kkelly (talk) 10:13, 19 September 2017 (CDT)
  • 15.3 List of brand name adhesives is out of date, additions needed.
  • 15.4.1 – Heat and hot air tools need updated with current products.
  • 15.4.2
    • Expand suction table option.
    • Poultice b. cellulose ethers - “Oriental papers” not favorable word choice for present day.
    • Poultices 2e. - Residues from Agrose gels not mentioned (Update this section with other gel block types.)
    • 4. – Enzyme section needs major updating with new product information / distributors.
    • 5. Tideline – Add post-1994 research into tidelines.
  • 15.5.3 – Solvent techniques
    • Move discussion of health and safety to the beginning of the section.
    • Update section on chemical safety, adding internet resources, availability of MSDS online, protective dress and extraction units.
    • consider adding section outlining “how to design a proper solvent storage and treatment area” including specifications for fume extraction, solvent safety, handling, disposal, local codes, fire safety associated with solvent areas, safe quantities of solvent for cabinet storage, etc.
    • a. Poulticing Materials – 1- 5 Does not mention gel blocks currently in use.
  • 15.6 – Special Considerations
    • Add more discussion of the disadvantages of local treatment.
    • Rehousing as an Alternative to Treatment – Weak section that is very important now as a preventative solution for hinging methods. Reference work by Hugh Phibbs.

Citations to Add[edit source]

Warda, Jeffrey, Irene Brückle, Anikó Bezúr, and Dan Kushel. 2007. Analysis of Agarose, Carbopol, and Laponite Gel Poultices in Paper Conservation. Journal of the American Institute for Conservation 46 (3): 263–279. DOI: Accessed January 19, 2016.--Kkelly (talk) 08:57, 19 January 2016 (CST)

Ormsby, Bronwyn, Melinda Keefe, Alan Phenix, Eleanor Von Aderkas, Tom Learner, Christopher Tucker, and Christoper Kozak. "Mineral Spirits-Based Microemulsions: a Novel Cleaning System for Painted Surfaces" Journal of the American Institute for Conservation 55 (1): 12-31.--Kkelly (talk) 16:41, 14 July 2016 (CDT)