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  • Update header on all H&S pages (MOSTLY DONE)
  • Update Find a Specialist page with C2CC webinar text
  • Change all H&S Committee to H&S Network (MOSTLY DONE)
  • Update PDFs with Network logo
  • Determine how to rename Guide and Network publication pages (move and delete old HS pages)
  • Determine topic pages for main H&S landing page
  • Remove text from old articles on to wiki (cut off date?)
  • Correct wiki-hosted pdf links to look like they aren't external pages (MOSTLY DONE)
  • Add all resources from old page into new topic pages
  • Check all links
  • Add summary text to provide basic information for H+S
  • Decide what to do with Technical Resources page.
    • Split up on to individual pages OR
    • Hotlink to sections on Technical Resource page

Header text

<small>'''Back to [[Health & Safety]]'''</small> ---- '''Health & Safety Network Conservation Wiki''' <br><br> <small>'''Copyright: {{CURRENTYEAR}}'''. The Health & Safety Wiki pages are a publication of the [[Health & Safety Network]] of the American Institute for Conservation.</small> <br><br> <small>'''Some of the information included on this wiki may be out of date, particularly with regard to toxicological data and regulatory standards. Also, because new information on safety issues is continually published, resources outside of AIC should be consulted for more specific information.''' </small> <br> <Br> <Small>'''Contributors:'''</small> ----