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Takeaways from discussions at the November 2020 MWG virtual meeting, for the editors working on this page to consider:

  • 67% are happy with the title of the page – Current title "Choosing Materials for Storage, Exhibition & Transport" includes words useful for non-specialists using those keywords. Also ties us to the NPS documents, dovetails with other wiki-editing efforts. Decision if use of sub-titles e.g. "Sustainable Preservation and Collection Care" allows for integration of these terms and ideas and then in future changes could be made.
  • There were many opinions about the use of the Maker/User/Interpreter navigation boxes. These will be tweaked and edited (some edits completed 1/7/2021).
  • Suggestion that we include a 5th category in factors to consider - Physical Characteristics – Not entirely clear what was originally intended by term “Physical Characteristics” but could mean appearance, working properties, interaction with other materials. We often begin by finding a material that will work before considering all of the other 4 criteria. Elena will draft a short paragraph that could be added as a fifth point. If a fifth point doesn’t work, or in addition, one could also add a sentence to the “why is the selection of materials important”. Julia will draft a sentence or two to add. Could then use either to lead people to the resources they might need, and would be positive for the site. Could be framed as an affirmation, i.e. you know what you need in terms of physical characteristics, but here are the other considerations that may not be so obvious.
  • How do I choose what to use - 3 categories currently used on page seem to work for people. Decided that the bullets should not be turned into "buttons" e.g. as done at top of page. Under "work with a collection care professional", can we find a way to point people to fabricators and other allied professionals? Our sources are focused on pointing people to resources that will help them with the chemical stability choices - should they be broader? – Could add links to PACCIN, Mountmakers’ Forum, ask these folks what sources they use, though not sure what those sources are. Broadening the ask the colleagues list, collection stewards’ lists. There are probably numerous list-servs that are used to reach out to colleagues. Lisa will begin drafting a list that we can all add to.
  • Resources still require organization with appropriate headers to group them into manageable categories.
  • Examine what other wiki pages should link back to this page or contain the Choosing Materials category tag.