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Verb: make or become unlikely to give way or overturn.

Synonyms in English[edit | edit source]

Balance, fix, maintain, preserve, secure, steady.

Translation[edit | edit source]

English Stabilizing
French Stabilisation
Spanish Estabilización
Italian Stabilizzazione
German Stabilisierung
Russian стабилизация
Chinese (Traditional) 鞏固

Discussion[edit | edit source]

Stabilizing an object is a key component of a conservationist job. The purpose of stabilization is to halt any deterioration or instability that an object may have in order to provide treatment or to implement a preservation plan over time. Objects such as textiles or pottery require conservationists who understand how to best treat those materials in a manner that will provide stability to a weak, broken, or deteriorating location on the object. "Stabilization does not attempt to make the object look new."(

References[edit | edit source]

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