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A book used to store a variety of memorabilia, such as clippings, pictures, and photographs. Generally produced as a blank book and then filled in by the user, though printed and manuscript volumes have been reused as scrapbooks. A scrapbook is distinguished from a photographic album (photo album) by the variety of materials it contains, though there is significant overlap between the two in terms of structure and function.

Scrapbooks can hold a wide variety of materials, not just papers and photos. Brown Scrapbook, University Archives, University of Illinois. Photo credit: Emily F. Shaw

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Synonyms in English[edit | edit source]

album, blank book, blankbook, scrap album, scrap-book

Translation[edit | edit source]

English scrapbook
French recueil de collages, un scrapbook
French (Québec) créacollage, collimage
Spanish álbum de recortes
Italian album di ritagli
German Sammelalbum
Chinese (Traditional) 剪貼簿
Chinese jiǎn tiē bù (transliterated Hanyu Pinyin), jian tie bu (transliterated Pinyin without tones), chien t'ieh pu (transliterated Wade-Giles)
Dutch plakboeken, plakboek
Swedish klippalbum, klippbok

Discussion[edit | edit source]

A more in-depth discussion of the nature of scrapbooks and their conservation and preservation is located in the Book Conservation Wiki's page on BPG Scrapbooks.

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