STANDARD 2: The Exhibit Team

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STANDARD 2: The Exhibit Team
Each exhibit team member must share in the responsibility to protect collection objects; and must work cooperatively to ensure object conservation
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Ensuring the long-term preservation of the exhibit collection is a primary responsibility of the exhibit team. Team members must work together to arrive at an effective balance between the demands of the preservation requirements and the interpretive and educational goals of the exhibit.

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Who are the typical members of the exhibit team and what are their conservation responsibilities?
What are the benefits of familiarizing all team members with conservation issues?
What are some ways to provide all team members with a grounding in conservation?
Resources: Links to websites, bibliography

Why is collaboration essential for effective conservation?
In what situations should team members be particularly aware of the need for collaboration?

What is Exhibit Conservation?
Why is it important to include an Exhibit Conservator on the exhibit team?
What is the scope of the Exhibit Conservator’s involvement in the exhibit process?
How to identify a qualified Exhibit Conservator
How to locate a qualified Exhibit Conservator

What is the exhibit coordinator’s essential responsibility in ensuring that exhibit objects are protected throughout the exhibit process?
What are the coordinator’s key conservation tasks during the exhibit process?

Why is the designer essential to successful exhibit conservation?
How to locate a designer qualified in creating conservation-friendly exhibits

Why is the fabricator essential to successful exhibit conservation?
How to identify a fabricator qualified to create conservation-friendly exhibits