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IMAGE WISH LIST FOR PMCC-WIKI (last updated August 2014) 

The list provides ideas of what could illustrate the PMG PMCC-WIKI, yet is not intended to limit ideas for illustrative images. Existing images are italicized. Please consider adding to this resource, but remember to add your own photographs, and not any with copyright issues.

Examination and Documentation
AIC’s photograph documentation target
Diagram and images of setup for normal, raking, specular, and UV-vis imaging

Non-destructive Testing and Instrumental Analysis
Images of machines discussed in text.
Generic close-up images of handheld monitoring (densitometry, XRF’s, and such?) being used with photographs (folks in white lab coats sort of shot, either focused on the activity without faces, or over shoulder shot sort of thing for anonymity)?

Environmental Standards and Guidelines for Storage
Generic better storage within a room
Cold storage/perhaps with someone in an arctic-looking coat?
Mark McCormick-Goodhart’s freezer package illustration

Preservation Housing Materials and Formats
Housing examples for various types of photographic materials
Diagrams of various enclosures
Storage solutions
Examples of variety of good storage examples
Matted cyanotype
Cased daguerreotypes
Types of attachments (v-hinge, polyester corners, paper corners, folded paper corner and folded paper edge hinges)

Exhibition Guidelines for Photographic Materials
Image of a person taking light measurement of a photograph on display

Emergency Recovery Techniques
Damages from emergency and disaster situations (dye runs, loss of image, stuck to glass, etc.)
Stacked air-drying system
Something cockled from extreme drying
Water damage triage diagram
Negatives being hung on a line to dry
Photographs on a screen air-drying

Mold and Foxing Remediation
Mold damaged photographs
Suction table
Mold damaged silver gelatin print

Digital Prints
Damage specific to digital print types (and identified as such)
Cross-sections/SEM’s/Diagrams of structure of different processes

Cased Photographs
Daguerreotype damages
Tintype damages
Deteriorated cover glass
Broken case
Preserver corrosion
Velvet/cloth damages
Drying marks
Cracked collodion layer in Ambrotype

Preservation of Glass in Photographic Materials
Damage to glass plate negatives, lantern slides, etc.
Internal deterioration (weeping glass, cracked emulsion, etc.)
Image of repair
Images of storage/housing solutions for unbroken items
Images of storage/housing solutions for broken items

Preservation of Plastics in Photographic Materials
Various deterioration of negatives

Multi-Media, Collage, and Composite Constructions
Damages common to multiple structures/constructions
Starn Twins?
David Hockney collage?
Collage, 1910
Robert Frank, 1989
Karin Sander

Surface Cleaning
Examples of before and afters (extreme, easy to photograph examples)?

Silver Mirroring
Examples/specular or raking light as necessary of different kinds of photographic materials
Diagram of documentation setup for capturing silver mirroring (specular would be most useful)

Pressure-Sensitive tape and attachment removal
Dessicated and oozing tape examples (and identified tape type if possible) on various types of photographic materials –typical damage

Mending, Repair, and Filling
Examples before and afters

Consolidation and Flattening of cracks
Two before and after cracks/breaks in paper borders (raking light)

Backing, Lining, and Mounting
Examples of before and afters?
Detail of edge, losses, folds, tears, curling
Raking light showing distortions
Curled in a cylinder tube
Japanese paper and starch lining
Dacron lining
Montages of process of lining with paper
Montages of process of lining with Dacron
Two pictures of tensioning – screen and under glass

Examples of before and afters?
Someone doing work (closeup of item, hands, tools, etc.?)
Stereo prints detaching from their mounts

Humidification, Drying, and Flattening
Examples of before and afters?
Someone doing work (closeup of item, hands, tools, etc.)
Image and/or diagram of pressing stacks and other techniques discussed

Faded image with original embellishment/period retouch?
Any before or afters of retouching?

Connoisseurship, History, Fakes or Forgeries
Images of often duplicated and famous fakes?

History of Mounts
Examples of structures and notations of photographers who used them most?