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The process of introducing a substance or material to oxygen, causing a given chemical reaction. Types of oxidation can include metallic oxidation, which can result in chemical changes such as rusting, and organic oxidation that affects materials such as woods and leathers and some textile fibers (Fine Arts Conservancy, n.d.)

Oxidized Copper

Synonyms in English[edit | edit source]

redox (reduction-oxidation)

Translation[edit | edit source]

French oxidation
Spanish oxidaciόn
Portuguese oxidação
Italian ossidazione
German oxidation
Russian окисление
Arabic أكسدة
Chinese (Traditional) 氧化

Discussion[edit | edit source]

A material is oxidized when it is attacked by oxygen, resulting in a change or a reduction. Different materials oxidize in different manners. For example, photo oxidation can result in fading, or the molecular structure of the paper fibers themselves can be changed resulting in degradation of the object.

Oxidation can also occur in certain types of painting, depending upon how the painting is mounted in a frame. Oxidation in this manner is often set off by frame abrasions, where the frame is directly touching the paint on the canvas. This causes the frame to abrade through the paint and oxygen to get between the paint and the canvas, resulting in flaking and peeling (Fine Arts Conservancy,n.d.).

References[edit | edit source]

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