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This page serves as a way for wiki editors to put out a "call for help" on specific pages. These are pages that may need many small changes (such as typos, or fixing/updating links) or content that is not specialty-group specific. Specialty groups may also list pages here, that are actively looking for content, in the sections designated for each group. This page will be updated often, as pages no longer need help, or new pages are added.

New editors are especially welcome here!

If you'd like to list a page, please place it in the appropriate section as part of the bulleted list, or create a section if it does not already exist. Also include a description of what kinds of editing help the page needs, such as "fixing typos", or "adding new content". Be as specific as possible.

All-purpose pages in need of edits[edit | edit source]

  • PR and Outreach-Web-based media on the Public Relations and Outreach toolkit could use more examples of various websites/social media/videos used by and for conservators.
  • Each of the Ten Agents of Deterioration could use some love, in the form of better formatting (i.e. breaking parts of the page into sections via headers, use Physical Forces as a guide) and the inclusion of both internal and external links related to each Agent of Deterioration. For example, the Thieves, Vandals, Displacers has a list of art-theft databases, but could use more examples of vandalism/missing art, etc.

Book & Paper Group (BPG)[edit | edit source]

The Book and Paper Group Wiki maintains a separate BPG Help Wanted page with a list of requests for one-time assistance, help with ongoing projects, and future projects in need of collaborators. Please join us there!

Electronic Media Group (EMG)[edit | edit source]

Photographic Materials Group (PMG)[edit | edit source]

  • Bibliographic standardization: Preference for PMG members, yet realistically, anyone who enjoys correcting bibliographic entries is welcome to edit and standardize PMG PMCC listings to JAIC/Chicago Rule of Style. International colleagues and various sources for our material means differing styles get uploaded into our sections routinely. Contact Stephanie Watkins, Chair,, with any questions. The PMCC Committee thanks you for your interest.
  • Digital Images: Illustrative digital images relating specifically to photographic materials of all kinds is sought to add to PMG PMCC WIKI.

Please add your own specialty group if it is not currently listed, if you have a page that is in want of editing help!