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Adding and Editing Citations[edit source]

Adding citations is easy, using the code in the example below from the Paintings section:

“Note: An unsolved problem—to find simple appropriate names for each type of stretcher. My descriptions are obviously awkward. R.D.B.” (Buck 1972)

Buck, Richard D. 1972. Stretcher design, a brief preliminary survey. Unpublished paper. Madrid: International Council of Museums (ICOM).

Though, it's hard to see in this example due to the short page length, clicking on the "Buck 1972" citation automatically scrolls the page down to the reference at the bottom.

The relevant code for the citation is:

[[#ref1|Buck 1972]]

The relevant code for the end reference is:

<span id="ref1"></span>

Each reference on a page should have a unique number: ref1, ref2, ref3, etc.