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The following Standards and Guidelines are a work in progress intended to spur discussion between exhibit personnel, conservators and other museum professionals. Please check back in the future as information is added to expand on the Guidelines without currently active links.
If you are interested in contributing to or commenting on this text please contact the AIC e-Editor

Guideline 16.1: Museum policies and procedures promote object security[edit | edit source]

[The following subject headings and information are placeholders.]

What institutional practices promote security?[edit | edit source]

  • Security staffing: The presence of a guard or other trained personnel is the best deterrent to theft and vandalism
  • Controlled access to the exhibit space
  • Inclusion of security training in the budget and scheduling
  • A daily walk-through by trained staff to check building security as well as maintenance and pest problems
  • A visitor sign-in book and identity badges
  • Limited access to keys

When should extra personnel be hired to provide security?[edit | edit source]

  • The security risk assessment may indicate that extra staffing is needed
  • The Conservation Requirements may indicate that extra staffing is needed for a particular exhibit