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Definition[edit | edit source]

A partial or complete separation of a joint between two members of an object, as distinguished from a crack, tear, check, or split (Buck and Gilmore, eds., 2010).

Example of disjoin at frame corner.
Example of disjoin at multiple areas on a chair.

Translation[edit | edit source]

English disjoin
Chinese (Traditional) 脫離

Discussion[edit | edit source]

A common issue where two pieces of an object no longer connect or fit together in the way they were intended. The separation can be due to a variety of potential causes: low humidity, wear and tear, breakage due to a fall or excessive pressure. A disjoin usually requires a repair so the object is whole and structurally sound. Common examples of a disjoin include: separation of two object pieces on a frame at the corner or separation of legs, rungs, or arms on a chair.

References[edit | edit source]

Buck, Rebecca A. and Jean Allman Gilmore, eds. (2010). MRM5: Museum RegistrationMethods 5th Edition. Washington, DC: American Alliance of Museums.

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