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-a change in original color (*Note: comment made before I added text CPaine (talk) 20:48, 28 March 2015 (CDT))

-A section of faded color on a work

-To be more specific, “Change in color brought about either by differential fade rates of dyes or by an imbalance of dyes in an image area (AAT 2004).

"Conservation at the Church of Sucevia" (September 2006)

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

-color tolerance (ColorTec 2013)

Translation (Homepage n.d.):

Language Translation
Arabic تحول لون
English Color Shift
French Changement de couleur
German Farbverschiebung
Italian Cambiamento di colore
Portuguese mudança de cor
Russian изменение цвета
Spanish Cambio de color
Chinese (Traditional) 色偏

Discussion[edit | edit source]

In the University of California’s Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive from June 18th-August 24th, 2014; there was an exhibitnamed Color Shift. “Inspired by Albers’s ideas, Color Shift presents artworks from the early twentieth century to the present that explore color relationships within abstract compositions (UC Regents 2015).”

When talking about the Color Rendering Index and LEDs, “the perceived color shifts seen when viewing test colors under the test and reference illuminants are calculated using mathematical models of human color vision.’ ‘They may not however correspond with what we actually perceive under real-world circumstances (US Department of Energy 2008).”

As an example, it is assumed that color shift could be seen in the following different mediums: paintings, photographs, paper arts, pastel works; drawings created with Prismacolor pens, Prismacolor pencils, or via pen and ink where the original color has been faded due to too much light exposure (either natural light or ambient light). In older non-digital photographs, this could also be due to double exposure, where one photograph has been taken over another in the film spool and there is discoloration.

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