4th International Mountmakers Forum

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About the meeting-[edit | edit source]

The 4th International Mountmakers Forum was held May 14 -15, 2014 at the New Mexico History Museum, Santa Fe, NM

graphicfrom 2014 Forum

Review[edit | edit source]

Program[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

John Garcia, Santa Clara Pueblo
Video of the blessing and opening remarks link

Presentations[edit | edit source]

Mounting China’s Terracotta Warriors
Vincent Avalos, Mountmaker, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Watch the videolink

Baskets and Hats Storage Mounts
Steven Sciscenti, Associate Preparator, Collections and Information Access, Oakland Museum of California
Watch the video link

Necklace Mount System
Dan Radven, Exhibit Preparator and Artifact Mountmaker, Exhibits Central, Museums of New Mexico
Watch the video link

Morning Group Discussion link

Template Techniques for Mountmaking
BJ Farrar, Senior Mountmaker, J. Paul Getty Museum
Watch the video link

Digital 3-D Technologies in Mountmaking
Megan Dattoria, Exhibit Specialist and Richard Gould, Exhibit Specialist, Acrylic, Office of Exhibits, Smithsonian Museum
Watch the video link

Mountmaking as Preventative Conservation
McKenzie Lowry, Senior Mountmaker, J. Paul Getty Museum
Watch the video link

Afternoon Group Discussion link

Posters[edit | edit source]

Physics of Mountmaking
Vincent Avalos, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

Media:Wari Tunic Mount Poster.compressed.pdf
Textile Mounting System
Robin Hanson, Carlo Maggiora and Philip Brutz, Cleveland Museum of Art

The Art of Mountmaking
Jamie Hascall, Independent Mountmaking Consultant, Seattle, WA

3D Printing
Greg Vigil, Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM

Online Resources-[edit | edit source]