3rd International Mountmakers Forum

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About the meeting-[edit | edit source]

The 3rd International Mountmakers Forum was held on April 26-17, 2012 at the Field Museum in Chicago, IL.

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Program and schedules[edit | edit source]

Review[edit | edit source]

By Shelly Uhlir, Exhibits Specialist/ Mountmaker, National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

Program-[edit | edit source]

Presentations[edit | edit source]

Presenters at the 2nd International Mountmakers Forum in 2012

Solutions and Challenges in Complex Design & Fabrication for Two Large Sculptures
Keith Conway, Exhibit Specialist - Mountmaker, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian, Washington, DC

Exploring Computer Modeling Analysis for Seismic Mount Designs
BJ Farrar, Mountmaker, Getty Villa, Los Angeles, CA

Mountmaking for the Fossil Called "SUE"
Phil Fraley, Mountmaker and Owner, Phil Fraley Productions, NJ

Mountmaking at the Field Museum
Pam Gaible, Mountmaker & Shop Supervisor, Field Museum, Chicago

A Mount for Lyuba (40,000 yr. old baby mammoth) for the Mammoth and Mastodon Exhibit at the Field Museum
Earl Lock, Mountmaker, Earl Lock Inc., Chicago, IL

Safeguarding Art Work: Mount Solutions for Unusual Objects Made from Experimental Materials
Mark Mitton, Mountmaker, J. Paul Getty Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Display and Storage Material Testing at the Field Museum
Ruth Norton, Chief Conservator, Field Museum, Chicago, IL

Using Vivak for Garment Mounts
Paul Singdahlsen, Museum Exhibit Specialist, & private freelance Mountmaker, Dept. of Cultural Affairs, State of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM

Canyon Wall Case at the Natural History Museum of Utah
Bill Thomas, Exhibit Preparator, Natural History Museum of Utah,Salt Lake City, UT

Posters[edit | edit source]

Instrumentation Applications for Seismic Mountmaking
McKenzie Lowry, Mountmaker, J. Paul Getty Villa, Los Angeles, CA

Rib Form for Maori Cloaks
Penny Angrick, Mountmaker, Tepapa Museum, Wellington, NZ

Building Conservation Grade Support Systems for Long-Term Fossil Vertebrate Storage
Arianna Bernucci, Conservator, Paleontology Dept., Natural History Museum, London, UK, in collaboration with Team Allington(Jones, McKibbin, Graham, & Collins)

Vanishing Act: Mount Solutions for Jewelry and Fashion Accessories at the Cincinnati Art Museum
Kim Flora, Preparator, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, OH

Developing a Strategy for Mounting a Large Quantity of Unframed 2-D Artwork
Denise Fordham, Chief Mountmaker, Fordham & Associates, San Francisco, CA; Ben Peters, Chief Preparator, The Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, CA

Cutting Character: Research into Innovative Mannequin Costume Supports in Collaboration with the Royal College of Art Rapid Form Department
Sam Gatley, Textile Display Specialist, Victory & Albert Museum, London, UK

Pitching a 19th Century Persian Pleasure Tent for Photographic Purposes
Deanna Hovey, Mountmaker, St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, MO, in collaboration with Zoe Perkins, Conservator, St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, MO

Creating a Dissection Mount and Bone Jig
Tyler Keilor, Fossil Preparator & Paleo Artist, University of Chicago, Fossil Laboratory, Chicago, IL

Using Argentium Silver to Fabricate Small Mounts
Ann Prazer, Mountmaker, Field Museum, Chicago, IL

The Process of Changing a Mount on a 2,000lb Marble Statue
Bill Skodji, Exhibit Designer/Senior Preparator, & Brian Stieler, Senior Preparator, Minneapolis Institute for the Arts, Minneapolis, MN

Dancing Pants! Articulated Mannequins (Legs only) for Katharine Hepburn Costumes
Jim Williams, Exhibit Designer/Preparator, Kent State University Museum, Kent, OH

Display of Chavin Culture Painted Textile with Pictorial Infill of Deterioration
Joyce Hulbert, Conservator, Berkeley, CA, in collaboration with the Collections and Conservation staff at San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, San Jose, CA

Online Resources-[edit | edit source]