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Welcome to the Paper Conservation Catalog Wiki

Welcome to the Paper Conservation Catalog, compiled by members of the AIC Book and Paper Specialty Group. The BPG Paper Catalog was begun with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

This wiki addition of the Paper Conservation Catalog is an ever expanding and changing resource for paper conservators and allied professionals. The 1994 edition of the Catalog provides a jumping off point for this platform. Members of the Book and Paper Group are eligible to contribute to the wiki. Going forward, the wiki will provide a forum for sharing innovations, new techniques, traditions, research, and all things paper conservation. Please share what you know.

We are seeking conservators with knowledge and expertise. Please contact us at [email protected] to learn how to become a contributor. All kinds of experience welcome. We can pair conservators with varying skills and interest, ie: one with content and one with expertise in wiki markup and editing skills.

Documentation and Treatment

Paper Conservation Catalog (print edition 1984-1994)

A complete and unchanged copy of the print edition of the Paper Conservation Catalog can be found here: Paper Conservation Catalog (print edition 1984-1994).. The Wiki can be edited and expanded, but we have preserved the print edition in its entirety as a record of all the hard work and expertise that came before us.


Copyright 2019. The Paper Conservation Catalog and the Book Conservation Wiki are publications of the Book and Paper Group of the American Institute for Conservation. They are published as a convenience for the members of the Book and Paper Group. Publication does not endorse nor recommend any treatments, methods, or techniques described herein.

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