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Photograph Conservation

What is a photograph?
Definition and Evolution of the Field
History of the Photographic Materials Group
Initiatives Around the World
Photograph Conservation Bibliographies
Training in Photograph Conservation
Materials and Tips

Photographic Materials

Photographic Processes
Color Photographic Materials
Digital Prints
Cased Photographs
Glass in Photographic Materials'
Plastics in Photographic Materials
Multi-Media, Collage and Composite Constructions

Documentation and Analysis

Examination and Documentation
Non-destructive Testing and Instrumental Analysis

Preventive Conservation

Environmental Standards and Guidelines for Storage
Preservation Housing Materials and Formats

Exhibition, Display and Transport

Exhibition Guidelines for Photographic Materials

Emergency Recovery

Emergency Response, Salvage and Recovery Techniques
Mold Remediation

Treatment Procedures

Surface Cleaning
Gels Applied to Photographic Materials
Silver Mirroring Strategies
Releasing, Detaching, and Separating
Washing, Bleaching and Stain Reduction
Mending, Repairing, and Filling
Consolidating and Flattening Cracks
Backing, Lining, and Mounting
Humidifying, Drying and Flattening

Technical Studies

Connoisseurship, History, Fakes and Forgeries
History of Mounts
History of Dry Mounting, Laminating and Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives