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Stephanie Watkins is a senior conservator of paper-based collections including fine art, archives, manuscripts, and photographic materials, and parchment/vellum. She became an AIC fellow in 2000. She owns two businesses, Watkins Conservation Services, LLC, and Right Brain Diversions for creative outlets. For conservation issues please contact her via [email protected]

Please disregard the rest of this page that is being used for coding tests, much like a Sandbox.

Sample image importing lesson:
[ [ File: Ink transfer. JPG ] ] (code must be capitalized, extra spacing so it won't work here)
385 KB original, sized down to 250 pixels
Ink transfer.JPG Ink transfer.JPG
Aubudon Elephant Folio leaf with ink transfer from adjacent page

Audubon Elephant Folio leaf with ink transfer from adjacent page

Sample video embedding lesson: Color density palatte

YouTube specific widget:
Only need to do the coding past the YouTube-be
2 x curly brackets { { then # widget: YouTube| id = name of ... } } end with 2 curly's, no space between
250 x 300 smallest without loosing the image.