TSG Chapter IV. Documentation of Textiles - Section A. Conservator's Obligation for Documentation (from AIC Guidelines for Practice)

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Original Draft: Susan Heald
Contributors: Lucy Commoner, Judith Eisenberg, Patricia Ewer, Lorna Filippini, Gaelen Gorden, Martha Winslow Grimm, Jane Hutchins, Marlene Jaffe, Susan Anne Mathisen, Jane Merritt, Denise K. Migdail, Meredith Montague, Zoe Annis Perkins, Nancy Pollak, Sara Reiter, Gwen Spicer, Suzanne Thomassen-Krauss, Deborah Trupin
Editors: M. Cynthia Hughes, Jane Lynn Merritt, Deborah Trupin, Sara J. Wolf

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A. Documentation
"The conservation profession has an obligation to produce and maintain accurate, complete, and permanent records of examination, sampling, scientific investigation, and treatment. When appropriate the records should be both written and pictorial. The kind and extent of documentation may vary according to the circumstances, the nature of the object, or whether an individual object or a collection that is to be documented." (AIC Guidelines for Practice, revised August 1994.)

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