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Other names

Open Tabby Mend

LEFT - Front of tapestry; RIGHT - Reverse of tapestry.
NOTE: Warp yarns are horizontal in this diagram.


Anchor the thread in a stable area about four to six warp yarns from the area of deterioration. Bring needle out to the front side at 1, cross over one warp and insert needle through to the reverse side at 2. Pass under one warp and bring needle out to the front side. Continue going over and under alternate warps (duplicating the plain weave) through the deteriorated area and four to six warps into the next stable area. Move 1/4 inch and repeat in opposite direction. If damage is severe, rows of stitches can be 1/8 inch apart. The stitch rows will run parallel to the weft and will resemble the Running Stitch.


This is used to reinforce areas suffering from weft loss or degradation but not exhibiting obvious flaws such as tears, holes, or open slits. If all of the weft is gone, use multiple strands of thread. This technique is an alternative to reweaving, and replicates the plain weave.

Possible uses for this stitch

Reinforcing Weak Areas
Replacing Weft

See also

Running Stitch

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