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Logopmg.gif Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog (PMCC) Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog is to compile knowledge of conservation treatment procedures and information pertinent to the preservation and exhibition of photographic materials. Although the catalog will inventory techniques used by photographic materials conservators, the information is not intended to establish definitive procedures nor to provide step-by-step recipes for the untrained. Inclusion of information in the catalog does not constitute an endorsement or approval of any procedure described. The catalog is written by conservators for conservators, as an aid to decision making. Individuals are solely responsible for determining the safety, adequacy, and appropriateness of a treatment for a given project and must understand the possible effects of the treatment on the photographic material treated.

The ongoing process of creating and maintaining a photographic materials conservation catalog benefits the work of photographic materials conservators in several ways, not the least of which is the possibility of understanding colleagues' work more clearly and sharing knowledge to advance the expertise of the field as a whole. The process of compiling a catalog provides a forum for information exchange among practicing photographic materials conservators. At a time when there was a shortage of published information on actual conservation treatments and when the behavior and degradation processes of photographic materials are still imperfectly understood, the need for this kind of information exchange is acutely necessary.

At the 1989 Kansas City Winter Meeting, the Photographic Materials Group nominated a catalog organizing committee to survey the membership about initiating a photographic materials conservation catalog similar in concept to the Paper Conservation Catalog (PCC). Committee members, Nora Kennedy, Sarah Wagner, and John McElhone, surveyed the membership to determine if 1) a catalog was desired, 2) if so, were the proposed topics and PCC format acceptable, and 3) would there be volunteers to compile and contribute to outlines. Survey results were presented at the AIC-PMG Meeting in Richmond in 1990. The membership endorsed the idea of starting a conservation catalog, with the understanding that a rigid production schedule could not be initiated due to the limited size of the membership and volunteer nature of the project. The first three topics for which there were interested compilers included Inpainting (Debbie Hess Norris, Kathy Gillis, and Alison Luxner, compilers), Exhibits (initiated by Douglas Severson, transferred to Stephanie Watkins, compiler), and Cased Objects (John McElhone, compiler). These original 3 printed chapters are now accessible online as PDF's. Their WIKI equivalents are available for updating.

In late 2008-early 2009, the PMCC printed chapters became online WIKI's. Subsequently, information gathered in the 2008 PMG membership survey directed PMCC WIKI content. More recently, PMCC WIKI committee focused efforts on developing larger conservation community interests, such as Examination and Documentation, and Emergency Preparedness, Rescue, and Salvage.

All sections of the Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog WIKI are open for professional membership development at present. Your contributing efforts to expand the information available for the benefit of all within this WIKI is most appreciated. To participate, read Getting Started on the AIC WIKI main page, or contact any current PMG PMCC WIKI committee member linked from the PMCC WIKI main page . Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your participation in the process.

The Photographic Materials Group's Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog-WIKI committee, 2015

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