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How to get started using this template:

  • Open the Edit tab of your new blank page.
  • Open this page in ANOTHER TAB on your browser. Go to the Edit tab at the top of this page.
  • Select and copy all of the text in the edit box.
  • Return to the Edit tab of your new page and paste in the text from this template.
  • Save the page and return to the Edit tab. Now you can fill in your text!
  • Suggestions for length and formatting can be found within the outline below.
  • Remember, citations within the text should follow the standard (Author year) JAIC format. For questions on citations or general style, please refer to the JAIC style guide.
  • When you are finished using the template, delete all of the formatting text above the first "Back to the Objects Page" below.

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Begin with a brief summary or introduction to your topic; 1-3 sentences.

Start your section headings with this gray bar

Type your text here.

Subheadings use this formatting

Type your text here.

Sub-subheadings use this formatting

Type your text here.

Continue creating headers as appropriate

Subheadings use this formatting


Use this section for: works cited, bibliography, including websites, external links, etc. Please list references used within the text in alphabetical order, following the JAIC style guide.

Further reading

Use this section for: additional references or resources not cited in the text, external links, etc. Please follow the JAIC style guide for references. Brief annotations are allowed to the extent that the subject dictates.

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