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To date 380 interviews have been conducted as part of the FAIC Oral History Project. Visit the AIC website's Oral History Page to learn more about the project and how to access transcripts of the interviews.

Format Key
A: Annotated, D: Digital, H: Hard copy, J: Scan, P: Photograph

Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s) Interview date Format Comments
Adair, William Saira Haqqi 2012 D
Adelson, Warren Joyce Hill Stoner D
Agnew, Neville D from the UC Berkeley oral history project
Aiken, Carol Adriana Benavides 2019 D
Ainsworth, Maryan Rebecca Rushfield 2007 D
Aks, Lee Sharra Grow 2006 D
Albano, Albert Rebecca Rushfield 2017 D 2 parts
Albro, Tom Rachel Bissonnette 2019 D
Althofer, Hans Bettina Schwabe and Cornelia King D
Anderson, Samuel Rebecca Rushfield 2019 D
Antrim, Earl of, formerly known as Viscount Alexander Dunluce Joyce Hill Stoner/Sitwell 1977 P
Appelbaum, Barbara Rebecca Rushfield 2005 D Joint interview with Paul Himmelstein
Ash, Nancy Melissa Hand D
Ashley-Smith, Jonathan Allison Richmond 2008 D
Asperen de Boer, J.R.J. van Molly Faries 1999 P
Aviram, Anny Rebecca Rushfield 2012 D
Bachmann, Konstanze Rebecca Rushfield 2003 D
Bailey, Forest Lance Mayer and Gay Myers
Ballard, Mary W. Rebecca Rushfield 2018 D
Ballestrem, Agnes Grafin Gwen Tauber 2001 D
Bang-Hanse, Bent Mette Carlsen 2018 D
Banks, Paul N. Ellen McCrady 2000 P With funding support from Eleanor McMillan
Barabe, Bisbing & Shearer- Chicago McCrone Association Scott Nettles 1996 D
Barclay, Marion Jan Marontate H Answering FAIC questions 2004 and 2008
Barger, M. Susan Annabelle Fichtner 2018 D
Batchelor, Elizabeth Rose Daly Cull D
Bauman, Barry Corina Marie Carusi 1995 H
Beale, Arthur LeeAnn Barnes Gordon D
Beaubien, (Harriet) Rae Mette Carlsen 2018 D
Beck, James Lily Prigioniero 1998 D
Bedford, Clarke Pamela Johnson 2012 D
Belloli, Lucy R. Rushfield 2010 D
Bennett, Anna Marti Leicester 1977 H
Bergeon, Segolene Rebecca Rushfield 2015 D
Berger, Gustav Joyce Stoner 1976 A, H, P Papers housed in the Winterthur Library archive
Berger, Gustav Jean Portell 1995
Berkes, Peter Friederike Steckling 2019 D In German
Bernstein, James Marie Rizkalla 2005 P
Bingham, Nicolette Rebecca Rushfield 2006 D
Bisacca, George Rebecca Rushfield 2006 D
Bjarnhof, Mette Joyce Hill Stoner 2006 P Florence Flood
Bjerre, Henrik Lauren Cox, Loa Ludvigsen 2006 P Florence Flood
Blakney, Susan Miriam Helene Rudd 2019 D
Blyth-Hill, Victoria Ellen Moody 2009 P
Bober, Harry Joyce Hill Stoner 1976 A,D
Bocour, Leonard Paul Cummings AAA D Through Archives of American Art
Bomford, David Joyce Hill Stoner 1997 P
Boon, Jaap Joana Devesa 2019 D
Bourdeau, James Claire Nelly D
Bourgeois, Violet Rebecca Rushfield & Jean Portell 1995 A, H, P
Bradley, Morton C. Laura J. Juszczak 1997 H
Brealey, John Joyce Hill Stoner 1976 and 1977 A, D Interviewed 3x
Brennan, Julia Saira Haqqi
Bria, Jr. Carmen F. Christina Simms 2009 D
Bridgman, Charles Joyce Hill Stoner 1976 H
Brill, Robert Heidi Miksch 1977 H
Brommelle, Norman Tina Sitwell 1978 A, P
Brommelle, Norman Joyce Hill Stoner 1986 D
Brooke, Natalie Amber Kerr-Allison 2006 P
Brown, Heather Anisha Gupta 2017 D Brown and Gupta interviewed each pther
Buchberg, Karl Rebecca Rushfield 2005 D
Buck, Richard Roundtable 1975 P Fogg Roundtable discussion
Buengur, Nancy Linda Pompeii 1997 H
Bull, David Joyce Hill Stoner 1996 H Interviewed 8/20/96 & 10/22/96
Butler, Marigene H. Joyce Hill Stoner 1999 P Papers housed in the Winterthur Library archive
Cains, Anthony Katie Payne 2006 P Florence Flood
Callahan, Carol Erica Fox 1995 H
Canary, Jim (James) Jo-Fan Huang D
Carlson, Janice Anne Perantaeu 2003 P
Carlyle, Leslie Kari Raynor 2016 D
Chase, W.T. Roundtable 1975 A, H, P Fogg Roundtable discussion; Papers housed in the Winterthur Library archive and the Freer Sackler Gallery
Chase, W.T. S.G. Sturman 1977 D Papers housed in the Winterthur Library archive and the Freer Sackler Gallery
Chase, W.T. Kelsey Wingel and Carol Snow 2019 D Papers housed in the Winterthur Library archive and the Freer Sackler Gallery
Clapp, Anne F. E. Carl Grimm 1977 P Papers housed in the Winterthur Library archive
Clarkson, Chris Cathy Magee 2016 D
Clavir, Miriam Beth Boyce 2017 D
Coddington, James (Jim) Rebecca Rushfield 2012 D
Cohn, Marjorie Denise Thomas 1979 P
Commoner, Lucy Rebecca Rushfield 2018 D
Considine, Brian D From the UC Berkeley oral history project
Constable, W.G. AAA D Through Archives of American Art; Papers housed in the Archives of American Art
Costain, Charles Nathalie Nadeau Mijal and Kelly Johnson 2019 D Part of the CCI and CHIN Podcast series "In our own words"
Cornu, Elizabeth Kendall George 2009 D
Craft, Meg Haddon Dine 2019 D
Cummings, Alan Alison Richmond 2013 D
Cumpsty, Dorothy Katie Payne 2006 D Florence Flood
Cunningham-Adams, Christy Amber Kerr Allison D
Daniels, Vincent Alison Richmond 2007 D
Danziger, Christine Maura Cornman 1978 H
Dardes, Kathy Claire Taggart and Jackie Peterson 2016 D
Davidson, Flora Canadian Association for Conservation group 2014 D
de Guichen, Gael Joyce Hill Stoner 2005 P
de la Rie, Rene Joyce Hill Stoner P
de Liss, Max Morwenna Blewett 2016 D
de Wild, Louis Joyce Hill Stoner H
Decker, Howard Michael Fus 1995 H
Deller, Craig Page Henry 1996 H
Dixon, Tom D 3 part interview from the National Library of Australia
Drehoble, Frank Doreen Guenther 1997 H
Druzik, James Ross Ellen Moody 2009 D
Dunkerton, Jill Camille Polkownik 2018 D
Edmondson, Tom Rose Daly Cull D
Edquist, Linda Lauren Couey and Samantha Springer 2019 D
Eisler, Colin Rebecca Rushfield and Jean D. Portell D
Eliot, Theresa Nina Rayer 1977 H
Ellis, Margaret Holben (Peggy) Rebecca Rushfield 2002 P
Emslander, Frank Tommy Spinosa H
Evetts, Deborah Rebecca Rushfield 2003 D
Faries, Molly Cynthia Kuniej Barry D
Farancz, Alan Amber Kerr Allison 2006 P Florence Flood
Feller, Robert Maura Cornman A, J, P Some of his papers housed at Carnegie Mellon University; other papers housed in the Winterthur Library archive
Fikioris, Margaret Katie Payne 2002 D
Finch, Karen Vicki Cassman 1985 D
Fisher, Sarah Joanna Dunn 2003 P
FitzHugh, Elizabeth Joyce Hill Stoner 1976 D
Florian, Mary Lou Jane Hutchins 2005 D
Fredette, Theresa (Tess) Lauren Cox 2008 D
Futernick, Robert KG 2009 D
Gabov, Alexander T Canadian Association for Conservation group 2014 D
Gaehde, Christa Catherine Nicholson 1976 H
Gamblin, Robert Joyce Hill Stoner 2002 P
Gettens, Katherine WT Chase and Joyce Stoner D Fogg Round Table Discussion
Gettens, Rutherford J. 1974 D Re: founding of history file.
Gettens-Hayes, Rebecca W.T. Chase 2010 D
Gibson, Bethune Jane Glaser and Carolyn Rose 1977 P
Gillette-Woodard, Helene Rachel Childers 2017 D
Glaser, Mary Todd Christopher Sokolowski 2010 P
Goist, David Kimberly Norman and Brittany Dineen 2019 D
Golden, Mark Joyce Hill Stoner 2003 P
Goldrach, Alain Joyce Hill Stoner 2017 D
Gombrich, H. Ernst Joyce Hill Stoner 1996 A, P
Gottsegen, Mark Joyce Hill Stoner 2003 P
Grassi, Marco Rebecca Rushfield 2003 P
Grattan, David Cliff Cook 2011 D
Green, Simon Barcham Camille Polkownik 2017 D
Greene, Virginia Christina Smiraglia 2002 P
Grevenstein-Kruse, Anne van Muriel Verbeeck 2009 D
Grevenstein-Kruse, Anne van Esther van Duijn and Ella Hendriks 2017 D
Grimm, Carl Patricia O'Regan 2014 D
Grissom, Carol Saira Haqqi 2012 D
Gupta, Anisha Heather Brown 2017 D Gupta and Brown interviewed each other
Harasewych, Linda Rollins Tawn O'Connor 2004 D
Harley, Dr. Rosamond Leslie Carlyle 2006 D
Heimberg, Bruno Bettina Schwabe and Cornelia Weyer 2015 D
Held, Julius Joyce Hill Stoner 1996 D
Heller, Barbara Eve Mayberger 2016 D Florence Flood
Heller, Don Greg Landrey and Linda Heller 2012 D
Henry, Michael Melissa King and Joelle Wickens 2019 D
Hermens, Erma Riley Cruttenden 2017 D
Heugh, Nancy Rose Daly Cull D
Heydenryk, House of (framers) Rebecca Rushfield described by Charles Schreiber
Himmelstein, Paul Rebecca Rushfield 2005 D joint interview with Barbara Appelbaum
Hitchings, Marildi Rebecca Rushfield 2020 D
Hlopoff, Rostislav Glenn Wharton 1987 H
Hodges, Henry W.M Maura Cornman and Shelley Sturman 1977 H, D
Hodgson, Robin Joyce Stoner and Diana Hartman 2016 D
Hodkinson, Ian Krysia Spirydowicz 2017 D
Hoffman, Sharon & John DePotter of Frank Emslander & Co Tommy Spinosa 1996 H
Horton, Carolyn Rebecca Rushfield 2004 P Interviews with Mariol Gallichio and Mark Watters
Hughes, Harriet Owen D answered the questions by herself
Hummel, Charles Joyce Hill Stoner 2000 and 2020 D
Huston, Perry Helen Parkin and Helen Houp 2003 , 2008 D Scan photos
Jakstas, Alfred Christine Sitwell 1976 H
Jayne, Timothy Lance Moore 2000 P
Jenssen, Victoria Rebecca Rushfield 2017, 2018 D
Jessell, Bettina Joyce Hill Stoner 1996 P Papers housed in the Winterthur Library archive
Johnson, Benjamin Bishop Laura Juszczak A, H
Jones, Elizabeth WT Chase 1975 A, H
Jones, Norvell M.M Susan Page 2002 D
Kajitani, Nobuko Nina Rayer 1977 D
Kajitani, Nobuko Mary Ballard and Rebecca Rushfield 2002 D
Kaplan, Hilary Ashley Jehle 2017 D
Katlan, Alexander Rebecca Rushfield 2013 D Papers housed in the Winterthur Library archive
Keck, Sheldon John Morse 1959 H, P Through Archives of American Art, Caroline Keck Papers housed in the Winterthur Library archive
Kempski, Mary Camille Polkownik 2017
Kennedy, Nora Pau Maynes 2001 D joint interview with Peter Mustardo for Eastman House
Kerschner, Richard L. Rose Daly 2009 D
King, Antoinette Rebecca Rushfield D Embargoed
Kingsbury, Lucilla Lauren Cox 2006 P Florence Flood
Kirke, Betty Harold Mailand 2003 P
Kittleson, Kristin Jennifer Moelling H
Kleeman, Robert Emily Dawson H
Kneisel, Wolfgang Rikke Foulke 2005 P, DVD
Konrad, Anton J Michael Heslip 1977 A, H
Kopelman, Gabrielle Joyce Hill Stoner 2017 D
Kovner, Davida Adriana Benavides 2019 D
Kremer, Dr. Georg Brian Baade 2018 D
Kremer, George Rebecca Rushfield 2015 D
Krill, John Elizabeth C. Wendelin 2008 D
Kronkright, Dale Mette Carlsen 2018 D
Kruth, Leslie Debra Evans 2016 D
Kuhn, Hermann Cornelia Weyer and Bettina Schwabe 2008 D
Landi, Sheila 2016 D
Lank, Herbert Joyce Hill Stoner 1996 D
Lebron, James J. Rebecca Rushfield 2003 D
Lebwohl, Murray WT Chase 2005 D
Lechtman, Heather Pam Hatchfield D
Lefferts, Kate C. Joyce Hill Stoner 1975 A, H, P NYU Roundtable
Lehmann, Jirina Cornelia Weyer D
Leigh, David Alison Richmond 2017 D
Lennard, Frances Riley Cruttenden 2017 D
Lennon, Timothy J.T. Garofalo 1995 D Post retirement interview to be done by Cynthia Kuniej Berry
Leonard, Mark Kristin deGhetaldi 2006 D
Levenson, Rustin (Rusty) Rebecca Rushfield 2019 D
Levison, Henry Bert Marshall 1985 D
Lewin, William Adriana Benavides 2019 D
Lewis, Tim and Matilde Rubio Annabelle Fichtner 2018 D
Lins, Andrew Linda Lennon D
Lindsay, Patrick Joyce Hill Stoner 1996 P
Liparini, Luciano Donna Weiss 1997 H
Lodge, Robert (Bob) Christina Simms D
Long, Jane Anne Kingery Schwartz 2012 D
Lowengard, Sarah Rebecca Rushfield 2018 D
Lowenthal, Constance Rebecca Rushfield 2009 D
Luke, Joy Turner Joyce Hill Stoner 2002 P
Macdonald, Margaret Riley Cruttenden 2017 D
Mahon, Dorothy Rebecca Rushfield 2006 D
Mahon, Terrance (Terry) Rebecca Rushfield
Majewski, Lawrence J. Jean Portell 1995 A, P NYU Roundtable
Makos, Kathryn Kari Rayner D
Mallory, Peter Rebecca Rushfield 2006 P Florence Flood
Mancusi-Ungaro, Carol Rebecca Rushfield 2009 D
Manoukian, Downey Rugtiv Michelle Facini 2002 D
Marijnissen, Rogier Muriel Verbeeck 2009 D
Marincola, Michele Rebecca Rushfield 2007 D embargoed
Maroger, Jacques protégé Joseph Sheppard interviewed by Lance Moore
Markell, Gertrude Nina Lindsey-Rayer 1977 H
Marty, Hanspeter Friederike Steckling 2019 D in German
Matero, Frank Jeanne Drewes 2018 D
Martin, Mervin Joyce Hill Stoner
Matthiesen, Patrick Amber Kerr-Allison 2006 P Florence Flood
Maurbach, Hannes Charlotte Klack-Eitzen and A. Hoffmeister 2018 D
Mayer, Lance & Gay Myers Terry Marsh 2003 D joint interview with Gay Myers
Mayer, Lance & Gay Myers Kelsey Wingel 2019 D joint interview with Gay Myers
McClure, Ian Joyce Hill Stoner 1998 D
McCrady, Ellen Jennifer Jae Mentzer 2004 P
McManus, Ed Greta Glaser 2015 D
McMillan, Eleanor WT Chase 2005 D
Melody, John Susan West 1976 H
Mention, Elisabeth Elise Effman Clifford 2014, 2016 D
Messier, Paul Shannon Brogdon-Grantham
Messing, Ann Kari Rayner 2015 D
Metzger, Catherine Wendy Partridge 2011
Meyers, Pieter Kristin deGhetaldi 2006 D
Mibach, Lisa Rebecca Rushfield 2016 D
Michaels, Peter Christine Daulton 1977 H
Modestini, Mario Joyce Hill Stoner 1996 P
Mohr, Pauline Tricia O'Regan 2015 D
Montgomery, Charles Joyce Hill Stoner 1976 H
Mora, Paolo and Laura Joyce Hill Stoner 1998 P
Mosca, Matthew Stephanie Oman D
Moser, Ken Jessica Ford and Kristin Patterson 2014 D
Muller, Norman Rebecca Rushfield 2011 D
Mustardo, Peter Pau Maynes 2001 D joint interview with Nora Kennedy for Eastman House
Myers, Gay & Lance Mayer Terry Marsh 2003 D joint interview with Lance Mayer
Myers, Gay & Lance Mayer Kelsey WIngel 2019 D joint interview with Lance Mayer
Nagel, Minna Horwitz Marilyn Kemp Weidner and Elizabeth Kaiser Schulte 1978 A, H, P
Naude, Virginia written answers to questions 2012 D Papers housed in the Winterthur Library archive
Nicolaus, Knut Stefan Schaefer 1996 P
Nkrumah, Joe Lauren Cox 2006 P Florence Flood
Norman, Jane Anne Kingery 2011 P
Norris, Debra Hess Barbara Lemmen and Jessica Silverstein 2016 D
Odegaard, Nancy Annabelle Fichtner 2018 D
Oddy, W. Andrew Hero Lotti 2002 D
Olin, Charles H Rebecca Rushfield 2010 D
Olin, Charles Amber Kerr 2013 D joint interview with J Olin
Olin, Jacqueline Amber Kerr 2013 D joint interview with C Olin
Olivier, Kate Lydia Vagts 2017 D
Organ, Robert M. Robert Organ 1999 A, D Autobiographical interview
Orraca, Jose. Pau Maynes 2001 D for Eastman House, Papers housed in the Winterthur Library archive
Packard, Elisabeth Joyce Hill Stoner 1975 H, P
Paisley, Leslie Rachel Childers 2017 D
Palmai, Clarissa Harold Mailand 2003 D
Papadapulos, George Rebecca Rushfield H Protégés interviewed
Patri, Stella James Bernstein 1977 H, P Photographed with Flood group and Peter Waters
Patterson, Carl Courtney Von Stein and Allison McCloskey
Peachey, Jeffrey Rebecca Rushfield 2018 D
Pelikan, Anne Kristin deGhetaldi 2006 D Florence Flood
Pemberton-Piggott, Viola Camille Polkownik 2018 D
Perkins, Beverly N. Christina Simms 2009 D
Perkinson, Roy L. Katrina Newbury 2002 P
Perrella, Almerindo Robert Ian Gale 1984 H
Perrot, Paul N. Joyce Hill Stoner 1979 H, P
Pesegati, Walter Gael de Guichen D
Petryn, Andrew Patricia Garland 2005 D
Phelan, Wynne Laura Hartman 2009 D
Philippot, Paul Joyce Hill Stoner 1997 P
Piacenti, Kirsten Kristin deGhetaldi 2006 P Florence Flood
Pinney, Zora Sweet Marie Tadros 2003 D
Plenderleith, Harold Christine Leback 1979 J, P
Plesters-Brommelle, Joyce Tina Leback-Sitwell 1978 A, J, P
Pomerantz, Louis Joyce Hill Stoner 1977 H, P Papers housed in the Archives of American Art
Portell, Jean D. Rebecca Rushfield 1989 D
Poulet, Anne Rebecca Rushfield 2007 D
Price, Lois Annabelle Fichtner 2018 D
Primanis, Olivia Leslie E. Long 2005 D
Putterman, Lawrence Rebecca Rushfield 2009, 2018 D
Rabin, Bernard Joyce Hill Stoner 1975 H, P Papers housed in the Winterthur Library archive
Radecki, Martin Erin Rodgers 2017 D
Radice, Anne Joyce Hill Stoner 2012 D
Rajer, Anton Suzanne Barrow 1997 H
Raphael, Bettina Anya McDavis Conway 2007 D
Reger, Larry Anne Kingery Schwartz 2012 D
Reilly, James Paul Maynes 2001 D for Eastman House
Riederer, Josef Stefan Rohrs 2010 D
Riley, Orrin Rebecca Rushfield H Protégés interviewed
Riley, Orrin Jessica Ford 2019 D Interview with his colleagues Sandra Amann and Elizabeth Estabrook
Roberts, Barbara Rebecca Rushfield 2003 D
Roberts, James Rebecca Rushfield 2019 D
Robertson, Clements L. Joyce Hill Stoner Very short telephone interview
Rockwell, Thornton (Tony) James Bernstein 1977 A, H
Rockwell, Thornton (Tony) P. O'Regan 2009
Rollins Harasewych, Linda Joe Fisch and Tawn O’Connor D
Rose, Carolyn Greta Hansen D
Rossi Doria, Matteo Gerrit Albertson 2016 D
Rossol, Monona Joyce Hill Stoner 2003 P
Roth, James Maura Cornman 1983 D
Rothe, Andrea Joyce Hill Stoner 1985 P Florence Flood
Roy, Ashok Camille Polkownik 2018 D
Rubio, Matilde and Tim Lewis Annabelle Fichtner 2018 D
Rudenstine, Angelica Joyce Hill Stoner 2010 D
Ruggles, Mervyn WT Chase and Joyce Hill Stoner 1976 A, H
Rushfield, Rebecca Jean Portell 2014 D
Russell, Ann Andrea Youngfert 2008 D
Sanchis, Frank Sarah Dziedzic 2012 D from the NY Preservation Archive Project
Salter, Gordon Debra Hess Norris 1977 H
Scafetta, Stefano Kari Rayner 2017 D
Scheidemann, Christian Rebecca Rushfield 2010 D
Schnepp, Suzanne Sara Polster 1995 H
Schnitzer, Susanne Terry Marsh 2003 and 2004 D
Schorsch, Deborah Saira Haqqi 2013 D
Scott, David autobiography 2018 D
Scott, Kay Joyce Hill Stoner 1976 A, H, P
Scott-Moncrieff, Ambrose Morwenna Blewett D
Severson, Doug Mary-Lou Beauchamp 2018 D
Shank, Will Kendall George D
Shelley, Marjorie Rebecca Rushfield 2008 D
Shepherd, Robert Joyce Hill Stoner 1997 P
Skaug, Erling Joyce Hill Stoner 2006 P Florence Flood
Slaton, Deborah Eliz. Patterson 1996 H
Smith, Leslie Melville Harold Mailand 2003 D
Smith, Martha Michelle Facini 2004 D
Smith, Watson Constance Silver 1978 H
Smyth, Craig Hugh Jean Portell D Transcription in process.
Snow, Carol Kelsey Wingel 2019 D
Snow, Lee Steve Brooke 2014 D
Sonn, Inge Rebecca Rushfield About her father Joseph Ternbach; Joseph Ternbach papers housed in the Archives of American Art
Sopher, Sonja Lauren Coney and Samantha Springer 2018 D
Soultanian, Jack Rebecca Rushfield 2009 D
Sourlis, Tom Christine McSparren 1996 H
Sparks, Peter Peggy Olley 2003 D
Spawn, Willman Julie Baker 2004 D
Spencer, John R. Joyce Hill Stoner 1977 H, P
Speroni, Puccio Isabel Brajer 2010 D
Spirydowicz, Krysia Louise Fox 2018 D
Stacy, Robert Rebecca Rushfield 2003 D
Staniforth, Sarah Leah Bright and Julia Commander 2016 D
Stanley, Ted Anne Downey 2018 D
Steele, Marcia Samantha Springer 2013 D
Stolow, Nathan Joyce Hill Stoner 1976 H
Stone, Richard (Dick) Rebecca Rushfield 2008 D
Stoner, Joyce Hill Jean Portell 1997 Interview In transcription as of 3/2011
Stoner, Joyce Hill Rebecca Rushfield 2007
Stout, George L. WT Chase and Joyce Hill Stoner 1975 H, J, P Fogg Roundtable discussion
Stout, George L. Paul Karlstrom 1978 D Through Archives of American Art; Papers housed in the Archives of American Art
Stretti, Karel Erling Skaug D Florence Flood Short interview by email
Suhr, William Joyce Hill Stoner 1977 P Papers housed in the Getty Research Institute
Sullivan, Brigid by Nancy Odegaard Melissa King 2018 D Odegaard on her colleague
Talland, Valentine H.P. Lauren Cox 2008 D
Talley, Kirby Joyce Hill Stoner 2004 D
Tennent, Norman Joyce Hill Stoner 2004 D
Ternbach, Joseph R. Rushfield 2004 A, H Interview with Steve Weintraub; Joseph Ternbach papers housed in the Archives of American Art
Timm, Ingo Cornelia Weyer and Ivo Mohrmann 2015 In German
Tintori, Leonetto Lily Prigioniero 1998 D
Tite, Michael Joyce Hill Stoner 2010 D
Torraca, Giorgio Gina McKay and Robert Lodge 1981 A, H, J
Torres, Luis Michael Heslip 1979 A, H
Townsend, Joyce Riley Cruttenden 2017 D
Trupin, Deborah Rebecca Rushfield 2019 D
van de Wetering, Ernst Joyce Hill Stoner 2003 P
Vogel, Neal Marit Eisenbeis 1996 H
Volkmer, Jean Marilyn Beckhorn Reiter 1977 A, P
Von Sonnenburg, Hubert Joyce Hill Stoner 1996 D Embargoed
Von Sonnenburg, Hubert Christian Scheidemann interviewed about him by Rebecca Rushfield 2019 D
Wadum, Jorgen Joyce Hill Stoner 1999 P
Wagner, Arnold Rebecca Rushfield 2007 D
Walden, Sarah Alexa Beller 2016 D
Wales, Carroll F. Paula Artal-Isbrand 2005 P
Walsh, John Joyce Hill Stoner 2016 D
Walsh, Judith Jeanne Drewes 2019 D
Waters, Peter Rebecca Rushfield 2003 D
Watherston, Margaret Dawn Rogala 2006 D Papers housed in the Winterthur Library archive
Watson, John Greta Glaser 2011 D [tape trouble]
Watters, Mark (refer to Horton interview) Rebecca Rushfield 2003 D
Webber, Sandy Gretchen Guidess and Rachel Childers 2016, 2017 D
Weidner, Marilyn Kemp Christine Smith and Elizabeth Schulte 1976, 1979 A, P Papers housed in the Winterthur Library archive
Weidner, Marilyn Kemp Elizabeth Wendelin 2004
Weil, Phoebe Dent Maura Cornman 1978 D About NYU
Weintraub, Steve Rebecca Rushfield 2004 D Interview about Ternbach
Weiss, Norman Rebecca Rushfield 2015 and 2016 D
Weisser, Terry Jessica Arista 2016 D
Werner, A. E. A. Joyce Hill Stoner and WT Chase 1976 D
Wharton, Glenn Amy Brost 2013 D
Wheelock, Arthur K Joanna Dunn 2004 D
White, Mary Lou Laura Juszczak 1977 H
White, Raymond Rachel Morrison 2009 D
Wilcox, Steve Kari Rayner 2017 D
Wolbers, Richard Alexa Beller 2016 D
Wolters, Christian Michael von der Goltz 1998 D
Woudhuysen, Renate Lucy Wrapson
Wouters, Jan Kristin de Ghetaldi D
Wrubel, Faye Cynthia Kuniej Berry 2004 D
Wyld, Martin Joyce Hill Stoner 1998 P
Young, William WT Chase 2000 A, P
Yow, Alexander Jensen Tim Vitale 1977 A, P
Yow, Alexander Jensen Joyce Hill Stoner and Nora Kennedy 2001
Zagni, Tosca Lynn Reiter 1977 A, D
Zoufaly, Tom Rebecca Rushfield 2007 D
Zuccari, Frank Cynthia Kuniej Berry 2004 D
Zucker, Joyce Rachel Childers 2017 D
Zycherman, Lynda Rebecca Rushfield 2005 D