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Contributors: Fran Ritchie, Michelle Sullivan, Jessica Walthew, Elyse Driscoll, Kimi Taira, Alexa Beller, Rebecca Gridley, Suzanne Davis, Laura Panadero, Kari Rayner, Alyssa Rina, Caitlin Richeson, Emma Schmitt, Riley Cruttenden, Jessica Betz Abel, Marci Jefcoat Burton, Quinn Morgan Ferris, Eve Mayberger, Brooke Young Russell, Keara Teeter and Natalya Swanson. Special thanks to Lara Kaplan, and to all former ECPN Officers.

About ECPN
The Emerging Conservation Professionals Network (ECPN) works to create and maintain a forum and network for AIC members who are entering the field of conservation. This includes: undergraduate students, pre-program individuals, graduate students, and early-career conservation professionals. ECPN also encourages participation from established conservation professionals and allied professionals. Scroll down to learn more about ECPN's leadership, structure, activities and initiatives.

About the AIC Wiki's Resources for Emerging Conservation Professionals
This category page was created by ECPN to bring together some of the resources developed for emerging conservation professionals. This landing page allows users to navigate to different topic pages, listed below. Many of these pages are still in development. ECPN welcomes members' contributions to these pages and encourages participation from emerging and established professionals alike! If you are interested in contributing to these pages or have any questions, please contact the ECPN Chair ([email protected]).

Getting Started in Your Career

This page includes topics relevant to individuals who are just learning about conservation or are in the early stages of pursuing a career in conservation.

Education and Training

Internships and Fellowships

Choosing a Specialty

Sharing Your Work

This page includes information about how to best showcase and share your work in various formats.

Resume and Curriculum Vitae


Presenting Talks and Posters


Connecting with Professionals

The following topics relate to building relationships and becoming involved in the professional community.


Outreach and Advocacy

Getting Out on Your Own

This page primarily focuses on post-graduate career options and professional development resources.

Career Growth

Entering Private Practice

Professional Development

Learn more about ECPN:

ECPN Poster: Building a Community of Emerging Conservators, ICOM-CC 17th Triennial Meeting, 2014
ECPN Poster: Building a Community: AIC's Emerging Conservation Professionals Network Regional Liaisons, Joint 44th AIC Annual Meeting & 42nd CAC Annual Conference, 2016