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Add a sentence about and a link to Jean Tetraut's CCI Technical Bulletin 32 to the narrative first paragraph

6/30/2020 MWG S&S Carolyn brought up that materials choice comes up only under gaseous pollutants; what about workability, strength, and other factors in choice of exhibition materials.

Add a bullet under "Multilevel Conservation Response" OR under elsewhere....note that we added a sentence to the first bullet to cover this.

For Exhibit Conservation Guidelines Chart: Jean thinks Level 1 statements should be contextually based We suggest adding another line for catastrophic, or better yet, re-organizing by the 9 agents of deterioration. (CCI Wall Chart? - Jean reports that it is not online yet). We could update the chart based on CCI narrative and link to CCI Carolyn - "Logic of "avoid, detect, mitigate, respond" seems to be missing from this document." Would be nice to replace to replace this chart with a boiled down version of the CCI chart merged with this. Jean would like to see the idea of risk assessment incorporated into the Conservation Criteria, because this will determine what "level" one chooses on the chart.

Terminology issue: exhibit area or exhibit case, vs macro vs micro environment. Make sure the titles reflect the same terminology throughout.

General comment: When we compare the Narrative and the Guidelines and Standards, trying to keep a boiled down version of the table would be helpful as a touchstone/condensed reference tool.

Macroclimate solution: expand to be more encompassing, link to ASHRAE document and other sections of the AIC wiki that deal with environmental considerations. Note we added a sentence. Also expand sentence to encompass understand building construction and HVAC system operations.

Note that we added a few sentences

Patti - note that when you change exhibit layout (add a wall or demolish one), you need to re-evaluate fire protection and get the Fire Marshal to re-evaluate.

We also noted the lack of information on light (especially natural) throughout these sections; this is clearly an issue for exhibit format and layout....and exhibit design.

For both sections, we recommend cutting the specifics. So for Macroenvironment, cut the original text "the temperature and humidity in the entire.....)

Microclimate solution: add the concept of when a system fails.... Last sentence needs to be re-written as more direct.