5th International Mountmakers Forum

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About the meeting-

The Cleveland Museum of Art

The 5th International Mountmakers Forum was held at the Cleveland Museum of Art - May 4-5, 2016



Mounting a Tahitian Mourner's Costume
Rachael Lee, Victoria and Albert Museum

Seismic Travel Mount with Removable Lifting Attachment
Carlo Maggiora, Cristina Maggiora and Colleen Snyder, Cleveland Museum of Art

Displaying a 14th Century Panel Painting in a Double Sided Frame on a Pedestal
Dave Piurek

The Ephesus Athlete: A Case Study of the Collaborative Efforts in Exhibiting an Ancient Bronze Statue
Erik Risser, BJ Farrar, Rita Gomez, Getty Museum

Examination of Three Mannequins from the Circle of Dance Exhibition at NMAI-NY
Shelly Uhlir, National Museum of the American Indian

A Shop-Built Vacuum Press for Forming Thermoplastic Mounts
Jim Williams, Kent State University Gallery

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