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This discussion page was started in July 2014 to collect ideas for improving the PCC Wiki. It includes the suggestions offered by the BPG Publications Committee, PCC Task Force in 2007-2009. Please feel free to add your own suggestions for improvement. Whenever appropriate, suggestions that relate to existing pages should be added to the discussion page for those chapters (see links below).

General Suggestions

  • Overall, the PCC would be dramatically improved with photographs, illustrations, and links to existing online content.
  • When chapters are updated, keep in mind that it can still be useful to have a reference for how an older treatment was done, as long as its current status is clearly conveyed.

Original Chapters:

New Chapters to Develop:

  • Add useful sources to the Bibliography. Annotations are particularly appreciated.
  • Add new chapter on "Local Treatment". This chapter could explore ethics, formation of tidelines with age, reversion, accelerated aging with exposure to light, heat, moisture and overall appropriate nature in regards to fine art visual aesthetic of stain removal.
  • The following chapters were proposed as parts of the 1984-1994 print edition, but were never published:
    • 2. Media Identification
      • This chapter has been identified as being of particular use.
    • 9. Instrumental Analysis
    • 21. Enzyme Treatment
      • This chapter has been identified as being of particular use.
    • 27. Suction Table Treatments
    • 41. Encapsulation
    • 42. Environment
    • 43. Exhibition/Storage
    • 44. Transportation/Packing
    • 45. Integrated Pest Management

Other Possible Chapters added --Denise Stockman (talk) 08:57, 23 March 2015 (CDT):

  • Transparent Papers- Currently contained within Support Problems
  • Three-Dimensional Paper Objects (includes globes, cut paper, 'seal-prints' etc)
  • Collage

Note: Link to BPG page on AIC site not working. Need to fix. --Denise Stockman (talk) 21:24, 24 April 2016 (CDT)


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Welcome to the Paper Conservation Catalog Wiki

Welcome to the Paper Conservation Catalog, compiled by members of the AIC Book and Paper Specialty Group. The BPG Paper Catalog was begun with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

This wiki addition of the Paper Conservation Catalog is an ever expanding and changing resource for paper conservators and allied professionals. The 1994 edition of the Catalog (Introduction to 1994 Edition here) provided a jumping off point for this platform. In 2009, the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (FAIC) launched the AIC Wiki with funding assistance from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT), a division of the National Parks Service. Along with catalogs from other specialty groups, the Paper Conservation Catalog was transcribed into a Wiki environment. In 2016- 2018, the content was reformatted to remove numbering systems and allow for easier content growth.
Members of the Book and Paper Group are eligible to contribute to the wiki. We hope this will be a forum for sharing innovations, new techniques, traditions, research, and all things paper conservation. Please share what you know.
We are seeking conservators with knowledge and expertise. Please contact us at [email protected] to learn how to become a contributor. All kinds of experience welcome. We can pair conservators with varying skills and interest, ie: one with content and one with expertise in wiki markup and editing skills.


Planned, but unrealized pages

  • Media Identification
  • Authentication
  • Documentation
  • Instrumental Analysis

Paper Conservation Catalog (print edition 1984-1994)

A complete and unchanged copy of the print edition of the Paper Conservation Catalog can be found here: Paper Conservation Catalog (print edition 1984-1994).. The Wiki edition can be edited and expanded, but we have preserved the print edition in its entirety as a record of all the hard work and expertise that came before us.

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