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I’m a little bit confused as to the relationship between the Book and Paper Wiki, and the Paper Catalog and the Book Conservation Wiki. Should I be trying not to duplicate content from these, and/or try to provide links to these when appropriate?

A reasonable confusion, they have developed very irregularly. Essentially: AIC Wiki is the umbrella. Under it are:
  • Other specialty groups like Objects, Paintings...
  • Book and Paper Group Wiki (BPG Wiki), which includes
  • Shared BPG Stuff
  • Paper Conservation Wiki (also called the Paper Conservation Catalog)
  • Book Conservation Wiki (formerly called the Book Conservation Catalog)
There are things on the book and paper side that really should move into "shared stuff", but they just haven't gotten that attention yet.--Kkelly (talk) 13:51, 5 February 2019 (CST)
I think this confusion would be helped if the Paper Conservation Wiki was only referred to as the Paper Conservation Wiki. Note that it was formally called the Paper Conservation Catalog, but continuing to use wiki and catalog interchangeably leads to more confusion.--Dknauf

I think that the "What's new with the wiki" section and the "Wiki Team" section on the Paper Conservation Wiki page are perhaps more appropriate on this Book and Paper page. --Dknauf

Interesting Content:

In January 2018, the Wiki Coordinators sent out a call for digital images to be added to the BPG Wiki. Contributions are gathered below, and are being placed within the wiki when possible.