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10:31, 7 August 2020 Wood-salts-damage-efflorescence-PUR-met-AIC-News.jpg (file) 2.44 MB Wood. Efflorescence formed after storage with open-cell polyester polyurethane. Comments: Dendritic, white amine deposits formed on the wood object, after it was wrapped in polyethylene sheeting and placed on polyethylene foam for approximately 5 yea... 1
10:30, 7 August 2020 Wood-salts-damage-efflorescence-white-met-AIC-News.jpg (file) 945 KB Wood. Efflorescence caused by direct contact with open-cell polyester polyurethane. Comments: Acicular, dendritic white amine deposits formed where the wood object was cushioned by polyurethane foam. The efflorescence is made of thin, sticky filaments... 1