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Date: Initiated February 2019
Contributors: Luisa Casella,

The Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog is written by members of the Photographic Materials Group of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works as a convenience for the membership. The treatments, methods, or techniques described herein are provided for informational purposes. Best professional judgement is necessary when using or interpreting this provided information. The reader assumes responsibility for any application results.


Rigid gels have been successfully applied in conservation in a variety of treatments including surface cleaning. Their application to photographic materials has been limited. The purpose of this chapter is to collate applications of rigid gels to treatment of photographic materials as well as point to additional resources within AIC Wiki on this topic.
For more on these materials see the general entry on Gels here:

Purpose of Rigid Gels Applied to Photographic Materials

Rigid gels can be applied in a variety of applications in Photograph Conservation.

Types of Gels

Rigid Polysaccharide Gels

Chemical Hydrogels


Application of Rigid Gels to Photographic Materials


Guidelines and Recommendations


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