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Health & Safety Committee Conservation Wiki
Copyright: 2014. The Health & Safety Wiki pages are a publication of the Health & Safety Committee of theAmerican Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.
Disclaimer: Some of the information includedon this page may be out of date, particularly with regard to toxicological data and regulatory standards. Also, because newinformation on safety issues is continually published, resources outside of AIC should be consulted for more specificinformation.
Contributors to this page: Health & Safety Committee

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Guides available for download are the original texts published in AIC News. Information may have been updated on the wiki pages for each guide. See Health & Safety Guides.


Health & Safety Session: Sustaining the Conservator, AIC 42nd Annual Meeting, 2014

General Sessions, AIC 42nd Annual Meeting, 2014

MuseumPests 2014

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