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Maybe you've used the Catalogs as a starting point for research -- and after your project, you're interested to share what you've learned. Perhaps you've read an article or attended a workshop that changed your perspective on a familiar problem, or you have some great treatment pictures to share with your colleagues. All of this content is welcome.

Even in its first edition in 1984, the Paper Conservation Catalog was presented as a work-in-progress. The Wiki Catalogs embrace this spirit, and although there is a lot of work to do, we want the Wiki to be a vibrant place of information-sharing among all members, working collaboratively. However, we know that not all our members want to use the Wiki in the same ways. Being respectful of these different levels of involvement, we present the following guidelines to help you join the BPG Wiki community at a level you are comfortable with. They range from those who might like to contribute off-line to those who might be interested in leading an ongoing editing project.

Working Off-Line

Don't Want to Sign Up? -- No Problem! There's a learning curve in using the Wiki, and not everyone has the time to learn the WikiMedia software platform. We can appreciate that coding text is not for all of our members, so we have developed other ways you can contribute.

  1. The BPG Wiki Coordinators Evan Knight and Denise Stockman are ready to work with you to add, edit, or remove something if you'd prefer to work off-line. Email them at [email protected].
  2. If you're an experienced conservator without Wiki expertise but interested in sharing some of your tips while mentoring others, would you consider getting paired an emerging conservator? If so, not only could they take care of the coding changes but the short-term experience would broaden their professional network as they learned something new. If you would be interested in being contacted by an emerging professional with regard to the Wiki, please send a note to [email protected].

Becoming a Wiki Editor

But instead of sending your updated sections to the Wiki Coordinators or the BPG or AIC-Wiki listservs so someone else can post them for you, you want to edit the Wiki and join the online discussions yourself. Or maybe you think it might be time to get online and find out how Wikis actually work.

  1. Contact the BPG Wiki Coordinators and include a short note on your conservation specialty, level of experience with Wiki editing, and area(s) of interest in publishing. We'll help you get registered with the AIC e-Editor and get on the AIC-Wiki listserv.
  2. Explore the guidelines for creating and maintaining pages. The AIC-Wiki Resources page has a section for BPG Wiki Editing, and there is a more general page on AIC Wiki User Guidelines.
  3. One of the best ways to learn the MediaWiki software is to create your User page. Take a look at the pages of AIC e-Editor, Evan Knight, Cher Schneider, Katherine Kelly, Suzy Morgan, Sarah Reidell, and others.

Contributing to an Ongoing Project

If you are comfortable with wiki editing and are ready to contribute, here are some ways to help the project.

  • Ask the BPG Wiki Coordinators about ongoing editing projects in need of assistance.
  • If you find a topic that is lacking or out-of-date, add a note on the "Discussion" tab of the page. For n example, see the AIC Wiki Editors' Resources Discussion tab. Send a link to the compilers for that topic, the BPG Wiki Coordinators, and the AIC-Wiki listserv to get feedback or start a conversation.
  • Photos are particularly appreciated additions to the existing chapters. Take a look at these BPG Photo Formatting Suggestions.
  • Look at the Help Wanted page to see a list of pages from various specialty groups that are seeking editing assistance.

Becoming a Compiler

Becoming a compiler for a new or existing chapter is the biggest and best way to build the Conservation Catalogs. Most PCC chapters are already created but in need of revision. Most BCC chapters are incomplete. In both cases, there is ample opportunity to contribute. If you think you might be interested, consider:

  • Would you have the time and availability to work with one to three colleagues for a year or so on this? It is suggested that you form the group yourself, however, if you would like help recruiting, the BPG Wiki Coordinators can help too. Perhaps an emerging conservation professional would be a useful member of your group?
  • If you are able to attend the AIC Annual Meeting, it is great time to talk with colleagues and potential collaborators about conservation topics that you are interested in researching and publishing online.
  • The BPG Wiki Coordinators would like to present updates to membership periodically, and especially at the AIC Annual Meeting, so having set time limits on a project is suggested.